I Love you, Chipotle


Dear Chipotle,

Oh Chipotle. Where do I even start? Its been 7 amazing years since we began our beautiful relationship. You remember right? Of course you remember. I was that shy 15 year old kid when I walked into your restaurant. I swung open those doors, and you welcomed me with open arms. You took me in when I needed you the most. My last relationship with McDonalds left me feeling….empty. I wanted more. There was a line for you. Anxiously, I waited with my friends to see why these people waited in line for you. What could possibly make you THAT good? I wanted to find the answer. You blew me away when the employee said “Hi! Welcome to Chipotle! What would you like?”. My eyes scurried across the menu. In my haste, I said “A Burrito Bowl, please.” The employee looked at me and silently nodded. “Would you like a tortilla on the side?” OF COURSE I WANT ONE! You really know how to treat a guy don’t you? I then walked towards the amazing selection of Chicken, Beef, and vegetables you offered. I was intoxicated by the heavenly smell. You made sure I was treated like a king. I eagerly pointed to the white rice, chicken, and beef that I wanted. Fajitas?? Of course! Corn? Hell yes! Just when I thought I was satisfied with your kindness, I was welcomed with another surprise.

“Did you want Guacamole sir?”

Could this be? Was this the infamous green dip that everyone raved about? IT WAS!! I looked her dead in the eye and said “Yeah, sure.” I could have cried. It was such a beautiful moment. “Its $2 extra, sir.” 2 dollars? I laughed. It was a small price to pay for this amazing gift from God himself. She put the bowl in a brown bag and went to the cash register. “9.50 sir”. I gave her 10 dollars in cash and said my thanks. I raced outside to find the nearest place I could sit. I opened the bag, and I found the prize that waited for me. It was beautiful. That first bite was heaven. LITERALLY FREAKING ANGELS WERE SINGING IN MY EAR! I couldn’t get enough of you. With every bite, it brought me closer to God. I can never explain the feeling you gave me.

7 years later, we still have an amazing relationship. You have been with me through the good times and the bad. Please, don’t ever leave me. Or I’ll go to Quadoba. OH, WHO AM I KIDDING? I never want to leave you! Stay with me forever Chipotle.

With all my love,